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10 Year Anniversary
Sponsored By The Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA)
We are more than a game! We are an experience! We are a Family!

It's the 10th year Anniversary of Octoberville!

Octoberville, AKA OV or Oville was created by Pixeltrix in 2005 and was one of the first scavenger hunts in SL! It appears out of the mist each year on October 1st and disappears each year on October 31st. It is a MASSIVE interactive game in which you assume the role of a detective or character in the story, finding clues and items, solving puzzles and completing quests and achievements. Octoberville is way more than a game, however. It is an experience! It was designed to give it's players the look and feel of everything autumn and Halloween. We are also a family! Over the years, players have enjoyed creating friendships that have withstood the test of time. Memories are created here and shared and reminisced each year.

We are very pleased to see you join the hundreds of fans that have experienced Octoberville in past years.

Do not expect to finish this game quickly. It is expected to take several days or even weeks to complete all the activities in Octoberville. Once you have completed everything (found all items, completed all quests and achievements), your name will automatically be added to the Wall of Fame and you will join the ranks of other players that have completed everything in years past or perhaps you are returning this year to raise your rank. Either way, we welcome you and hope you have a fantastic time!





1) REGISTER FOR THE WEBSITE: After you finish the first part of the game, you will receive a landmark for the Gathering Grove. Once there, click the sign to register for http://www.octoberville.com. This sign registers you automatically. You will receive a temporary password. IMMEDIATELY, go to the website and change your password and upload an avatar image. (140 px x 140 px) You can also find and contribute valuable information on the forums.

2) Turn your sun settings to midnight! Trick or Treating and dark forests are much more fun when it
is, well..... dark.

3) Turn your sound up! There is much to be heard in OV. If something annoys you, turn it down by the individual volume sliders.

4) Set your media to auto-play: (Go to preferences, then the Sound and Media tab. Check the box labeled “Allow Media to Auto-play" ) This year's Octoberville require a viewer 3 compatible viewer. (Firestorm and Linden's Viewer 3 are the only viewers tested and supported.)

5) Set your LOD settings to see sculpties and mesh better.
a. Show the "Advanced" menu with Ctrl-Alt-D, or Opt-Ctrl-D on a Mac.
b. Select "debug settings" near the bottom.
c. In the blank space, type or copy and paste the word: RenderVolumeLODFactor
d. In the box below, set the number. The recommended setting is as high as 4 - 10 to have all your sculpts and mesh objects looking as the creator intended. Unlike increasing your draw distance, this will NOT create lag for yourself or those around you! And it will improve the look of all sculpts and mesh. It is rumored setting it above 4-5 can be very hard on your computer though. Use at your own risk and computers capabilities.

6) Start the game by talking to the witch who is standing in front of her hut in the dark forest (where you originally landed). After you speak to her, you will receive your Octoberville 2015 Tome (HUD). READ in your local chat what the characters/quest givers of Octoberville say to you. They will guide you along your adventure.

7) Wear your HUD (if you want). Your game progress will be kept even if you are not wearing your HUD. Optionally, you can view your HUD online at http://www.octoberville.com after you register down in the meeting area at the marked kiosk.

-- The HUD refreshes every 30 seconds (so your HUD doesn't constantly flash). To refresh it on your own, change pages by clicking a tab. You may want to do this after you find something, to ensure it was marked off.

-- Items marked as ??? need to be unlocked before they can be found.

8) Join the Octoberville! Group. This group will hold your rank as well as give you helpful advice. Do not EVER leave the group (even if we disappear for 3 years... ahem). The group holds your ranks from year to year.

9) Talk to everyone! READ EVERYTHING! Refer to your WebHud for clues! Look at everything! Touch everything! Look for other NPCs (Non Player Character) for new quests! Discuss with friends! Scroll WAY in. If you have trouble clicking an item, scroll way into it.

10) Dance the night away at Crowbar every night from 6 - 8pm SLT. There will be a different theme every night. Check the marquis for event information. Also join the Crowbar group while you're there for announcements and general silliness.

11) Join us each day to watch a different horror movie throughout the month of October at the OVILLE THEATER. You may go in anytime to relax and watch the movie.

12) Join the Octoberville Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/octoberville

13) Post questions, pictures, hints, etc on the Octoberville forums on our website at http://www.octoberville.com.




1) Unless you are at a party at Crowbar, we expect you to take off any outfits with a large amount of prims or resizer/color scripts, or anything else that can cause either server or client-side lag. Octobervillians are used to texture clothing and bald heads! Just ask them! We are just trying to reduce lag for everyone.

For Japanese: あなたがあなたの衣類で持っている原稿、毛および付属品の数を減らす必要がある。

2) NO weapons!! Weapons may be turned on AFTER October 31st for the roleplayers but during the month of October no weapons are allowed!

3) Costumes are welcome and even encouraged but please try to avoid big, bulky, lag-enducing costumes.

4) Octoberville is also a roleplaying sim. NO SEX IS ALLOWED!!! Take it private or off of OV!! We wish to remain a non-adult sim so everyone can enjoy Octoberville. Anyone having sex in OV will be banned!

5) NO CHEATING! (See what is considered cheating below)



1) NO use of any script, object, etc to locate items. Anyone caught using scanners or other search items to locate things will be banned permanently.

2) We DO have SEVERAL cheat detectors in place.

3) DO NOT TP people in to find items, you will mess up the order of their game. This is NOT JUST a hunt. It is a game! This could cause your friend to be listed as cheating.

4) DO NOT scan for items.

5) DO NOT pan your camera to go through walls or click things that are not in the room you are in.

6) DO NOT follow people into places when you clearly have not done the things you need to complete. Doing so will mark you as a cheater.

7) DO NOT give away item locations in group!! Creative hinting is allowed in group. Not everyone wants help. Direct locations are ONLY allowed in the forums under the "Where in the hell is the damn..." forum.


PEOPLE WHO DO THIS WILL BE SADLY DISAPPOINTED WHEN THEY FINISH AND THEY ARE LOCKED OUT OF THE WALL OF FAME WALL OR HAVE THEIR HUD RESET!! If you are going to cheat don't even bother starting. You will have wasted your time. Let's just have fun!



Home Tab - This is your profile and status page. It displays your octoberville.com profile image, your rank, as well as your current status of this year's game.

List Tab - This is the list of scavenger hunt items. There are total of 100 items to be found in Octoberville as well as several quests, clues and achievements. Some items are unknown until you unlock them. They are represented by "???".

Quest Tab - THere are several quests to be completed. Quests will begin by talking to an NPC. Most NPCs will have multiple quests to the chain, but you can only be on one quest per NPC at a time.

Achievements Tab - This is where your achievements will be when you complete them. There are several achievements in Octoberville.

FAQ Tab - This is where you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions. We will update this page as the questions come in, so if you have a question, check there first.

Minimize/Maximize Button - This button allow you to minimize your HUD so that you can see things better and avoid click-through problems. Click again to maximize.

Close Button (Skull) - This will detach your HUD.



ELITE: People who have completed at least 1 year of Octoberville.

EPIC: People who have completed 2 years of Octoberville.

MASTER: People who have completed 3 years of Octoberville.

LEGEND: People who have completed 4 years of Octoberville.

ELDER: People who have completed 5 years of Octoberville.

BADASS: People who have completed 6 years of Octoberville.

You must complete the ENTIRE game and be added to the Wall of Fame before you can earn your rank. Your rank will automatically be applied if you are registered at http://www.octoberville.com.


Octoberville KING and QUEEN: Each year a King and Queen is voted for. You may nominate yourself or anyone else on the forums at http://www.octoberville.com. Voting will take place during the last week of October. All nominations must be in by October 24, 2015.

Octoberville PRINCE and PRINCESS: The Prince and Princess are chosen by the Octoberville creators based on interactivity of the player, roleplay, helpfulness, etc.


Wall of Fame: The first 3 people to finish the entire game, (which means finding all the items and clues, and finishing all quests and achievements) will win Lindens. (1st - $1000, 2nd - $500, 3rd - $250)

Photo and Video Contest: We look forward to seeing your creative submissions to our website and Facebook page! We love to reward people for showing off what they love about Octoberville. There will be random prizes given for best photos and videos. The best video will be chosen to be the official video of the season. Prizes to be announced.

The Royal Contest: The King and Queen will choose a contest and announce these in the forums on the website.

Crowbar: Every night in October, Master Kaos (and perhaps other DJs) will be spinning your requests at Crowbar. Each night there will be a themed event in which Lindens and or Prizes will be awarded. Join the Crowbar group for more info.


☠ LAG ☠:

Lag is inevitable. With the volume of people visiting Octoberville and the many scripts to run the game, we can not help that there will be lag. If EVERYONE follows the rules at the top of this notecard, lag will be minimal. We do the best we can to reduce the amount of lag. We need each person to do their part in helping us control this by taking off anything that is unnecessary that has lag-inducing scripts. Below is a list of common things we have found to induce lag.

* Multi gadgets
* ANYTHING with re-sizer or color change scripts in them (hair, shoes etc)
* Scanners
* Weapons
* Outfits with many prims

A few ways to reduce lag from other people:

DEREZ OTHER PEOPLE: Right click on a person's name tag/ select more/ select derender/ select temporary. (This only works in Firestorm Viewer as far as we know.)

Go to preferences/graphics, check avatar imposters, and up above that, lower the slider for max # of non imposter avatars, all the way down or try sliding the Avatars slider down to low in Linden Viewer.

Smoggy the Bear says, "Only you can prevent forest lag!"

Please keep in mind we are just people and this is all for fun. Some things are just out of our control and we thank you in advance for not cussing us out about it. If you are upset, we politely ask you to come back at a later time/date and maybe we will have things fixed or less people will be on the sim.



Octoberville is also a roleplaying sim. Unlike most other roleplaying sims, Octoberville is a nonsexual roleplaying sim offering a place for just about everyone. From children, to country bumpkins, to the most serious of vampires, you are sure to find a role that suits you. During October, no weapons will be allowed. After October, weapons may be allowed. There are many furnished houses in Octoberville. Feel free to live/play in them. (You might have to share with others) No prims can be laid down during October. We love making new friends and hanging out, so don't be shy!



This year, Octoberville is sponsored by the Linden Endowment of the Arts. They were very gracious to give us a Sim in which to build Octoberville. It is their policy to not allow donation jars in builds on their land. For this reason, all Linden donations must be given directly to Master Kaos or Cherub Spectre. Cash donations can be given on the website. We very much appreciate all donations as it helps us to purchase items for the build, give away in prizes, etc.



Dance the night away at Crowbar with DJ Master Kaos
Cuddle up with friends to watch horror flicks.
Shop at the Pixeltrix Store (Marketplace).
Roast marshmallows at the campfire trading ghost stories.
Ride the Train
Visit the County Fair
Join costume contests.
Take lots of pictures
Talk on the forums.


Octoberville website: http:/www.octoberville.com
Octoberville on YouTube: http:/www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Octoberville&search_type=&aq=f
Octoberville on Google http:/www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=pixeltrix+octoberville&aq=f&oq=&aqi=
Octoberville on LinkedIn http:/www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=2193328
Octoberville on Facebook http:/www.facebook.com/Octoberville
Octoberville on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/groups/octoberville2015/
Octoberville on Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/octoberville

Most of all... have a great time and Happy Halloween!!!

Thank you from the Pixeltrix and Octoberville Staff

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