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I dropped the group, can I get my rank back?
Yes, only by registering on the website (www.octoberville.com). This will automatically show you under the correct ranking. If we can verify your rank there, we will give you the rank in-world. After you have registered, send an IM to Cherub Spectre or Shauna Bonetto
Where is the...?
We can't give you that information. The creators are sworn to secrecy. All we can tell you is look everywhere and touch everything.
What viewers are required for Octoberville?
Any viewer that supports interacting with a website on a prim. SL Viewer 2 or higher, and Firestorm have been tested.
My HUD wont load. Now what?
If you have followed the instructions on the prim, and it still does not show, this means you are not using a viewer 2 compatible viewer. You can still see your HUD at www.octoberville.com after registering with the site.
Viewer buttons are blocking my HUD
On your viewer, go to Me (Avatar in Firestorm) --> Toolbar Buttons. Drag the buttons from the left of you screen to the Toolbar Buttons dialog, then to the bottom toolbar button if desired.
I just finished X task but it is not marked off on my HUD.
It can take the HUD 30 seconds to a minute to refresh.
My HUD keeps asking me to reset my password.
As the website is new this year, we asked everyone to reset their password. Your HUD will continue to do this until you click the link in the email sent to ou when you attached youur HUD. If you no longer own that email address, contact an Cherub Spectre or Nathan Oddfellow and they can update your email address in the database until we get the rest of the website complete.