A Bit of History

Before anyone, there lived three witches, deep in the dark woods. They loved the forest so much that they wanted to protect it, and keep their home and themselves alive forever to enjoy it. Cheating Death from ever finding them, they used their blood and created a massive circle around their beloved forest home, which allowed them to cast a spell and hide it for long periods of time, keeping others from finding them.

Over the years people would wander into the forest and some would become trapped there, bound to the land, which they came to call Octoberville because it seemed the only time they were back in the right time and place was the month of October. Halloween, Samhain, when the witches would enjoy being here the most and when spirits of earth would be the closest.

There is no way of knowing how many have become trapped and bound to Octoberville over the years, how many have come and stayed, and how many have lost their lives there.

Avery Hawkins may have been one of the early ones. He operates Hawkins General Store and you get a sense that he’s heard and seen it all, because nothing seems to rattle him, not even the endless stories and rumors of Xavier Dalton, the mad scientist who gets blamed for just about every suspicious event that happens.

Doctor Dalton was once a highly respected man of science and healing who greatly loved his parents. Much like the witches, he desired more than anything to preserve what he loved and find a way to keep his parents alive forever. Before their deaths, he began experimenting on them to find the secret to eternal life which was, in his mind, nothing more than a science problem. His experiments failed, and so did his parents organs. In fact, Dalton probably sped up their deaths in his mad rush to keep them alive. Ever since, he has devoted his time and energy into bringing his parents back from the dead, a task which has occupied countless years, along with his sanity.

Another longtime resident of Octoberville is Ray Rashburn. He is a regular at the Crowbar and if you take a stool near him, he will share his most recent theories about aliens, Doc Dalton, or his many unverified children. He is a simple man with far-fetched ideas, but sometimes he gets it right.

Many other residents come and go. Some you will meet year after year and others vanish just as mysteriously as the entire town does come the end of October. There has even been gossip of vampires, monsters, ghosts, and other creatures living deep in the caves of Octoberville. It has become a Halloween haven. A spiritual, mysterious, haunted, whimsical, magical, and sometimes dangerous place to find yourself. Octoberville is not always there, and when you do find it, it is not always the way you remembered it.

No one can say exactly why visitors are drawn to Octoberville, but it might be because of the spirit tree the witches planted years ago. It is a massive twisted tree in the deep heart of the forest. The spirit tree is like a lightning rod that ties the town back to that spot, a grounding totem. It has a strange magnetic power. It could be this power that brings visitors to Octoberville. We may never know, but if you travel to Octoberville, maybe someday you will find you are trapped there too.