A mysterious town
A haunted house
Scary movies
A crazed doctor
And one tiny pebble.

Welcome to Octoberville!

Octoberville is a Three-dimensional game set in Second Life during the month of October. While you wander the town of Octoberville, you will meet several of the local citizens as well as fellow visitors. Some of them will put you to work doing odd jobs or helping them discover information. You will receive a game HUD that acts as a notepad helping you organize the people you’ve met, the jobs they have you doing, and the clues you’ve discovered along the way. When you complete all the tasks and have found all the clues, your name will be added to the Wall of Fame and recorded in history.

While it is part scavenger hunt, it is not the typical hunt you find in Second Life. You are not searching for boxes of stuff to bloat your inventory; instead you are searching for objects and items important to the town or its residents. These may include things like a missing pair of scissors, a whole bunch of escaped snakes, or the tiniest pebble in town. There is also a mystery that you will be asked to help solve and several hidden achievements. You may even need to find secret codes, such as 'Ka1'. You and your friends will explore every inch of Octoberville to find the answers and solve whatever mischief has befallen the town and its residents.

Octoberville is meant to take several days or weeks to complete, and many never complete it. For those who are able to find all the lost items and solve the mystery, it is a thrilling achievement celebrated by the entire OV community.

Octoberville has its own group in Second Life that you are encouraged to join. Members of the group become a special family each October as they network and help one another through all the twists and frustrating turns of the season.

While the creators of Octoberville strive to give us a new adventure every year, there are also many traditions that follow from year to year. Every season you will reconnect with the main characters of the town, such as the mysterious and quite mad, Doctor Xavier C. Dalton; Avery Hawkins, the owner of the General Store; Ray Rashburn, the town drunk and conspiracy theorist; Master Kaos “MK”, owner of the Crowbar nightclub, and popular DJ there as well.

There is always a Haunted House. Xavier Dalton’s house, filled with hidden secrets, sometimes hidden rooms, puzzles, traps, and the occasional corpse.

The movie theater in town plays your favorite seasonal full-length films. Check back each week to see what is playing.

A haunted train runs through the town. No one has ever seen a conductor, but it picks up tourists and visitors and takes them on an exciting ride at regular intervals. It’s suggested you wear flame-retardant clothing, since the train has been known to pass through the occasional explosion.

Finally, bring your sweet-tooth, because everyone gets to go trick-or-treating in Octoberville and fill up with all your favorite candies!

All the best things about community, autumn, and Halloween are brought together in this sleepy town. If you tire of searching for clues, you can relax at the Crowbar with your friends or sit around the campfire and exchange ghost stories. There are fun puzzles to challenge you, sleepy spots to take a nap, places to play and learn and even pray. You’ll find yourself at home in Octoberville, so come, join us!